Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order now and play later?

Definitely, buy now and play when it suits you best.

Can I start playing immediately?

You will immediately receive most of our treasure hunts and escape rooms in your mailbox. You will also receive login details to test and play the game by email. When you order a physical game box (for example the Superhero scavenger hunt), we will send it to you within 5 days.

Is there a deadline by which I have to play the game?

Certainly not, you play a game when it suits you. When you decide to play a game, your access to the interactive website remains valid for 48 hours, so you can play as much as you want.

Can I play alone with my children or do I have to play in a large group?

We believe that playing a game should not always be a big party. You can play our escape rooms and activities at home with your own children. Real quality time!

Why do I need a laptop or tablet?

We try to make our activities as interactive as possible and preferably in a fun theme. That is why we use our game portal to show videos, have the children enter codes or have the game guided by a voice actor. Excitement guaranteed!

How can I log in?

You will immediately receive the login details for our interactive website in your mailbox. When you order an activity by post, you will receive it together with your order.

Will anything be sent by post?

You will immediately receive most treasure hunts and escape rooms in your mailbox. This way you can print all the puzzles at home and get access to our interactive website. Have fun!