The excitement of a real escape room at home? It is possible, and it is more fun and cheaper than a real escape room or a rented escape room box!
You hide the puzzles and hints in the room and you're done. Under the guidance of our website, your children will experience a real escape room at home where they have to search and work together.
You can purchase a digital package and play immediately or order an escape room box including all supplies.

  • From 7 to 14 years

    Adjust the difficulty of the escape rooms with our useful tips. Which theme do you like best?

  • Interactive experience

    Escape rooms are guided by an interactive website. Through videos and voice acting we bring the magic of escape rooms to your home or school.

  • Learning through play

    Teach children to work together and solve problems. Our escape rooms are educational and challenging for all ages.

  • Successful party

    Search for clues, put puzzles together and collect tips. They solved it within the hour and all the children had a lot of fun! Worth repeating :-)

    - Thamar

  • Recommended

    The room was decorated a bit and the children had an hour of fun playing. It was talked about for a long time!

    - Mieke

  • Challenging game to play at home

    It's great that you can test the game on the computer so that you can see which steps the children go through.

    - Marlous

Which theme do you choose?