Learn through play with these educational escape rooms for schools

An escape room at school or in the classroom? Cheaper than a real escape room, but just as exciting!
You hide the puzzles and hints in the classroom and you're done! Under the guidance of our website, the children experience a real escape room at home where they have to search and work together.
Divide the children into groups at school or in the classroom and let them play against each other by escaping as quickly as possible. Let the children learn through play at school with these escape rooms.

  • From 7 to 14 years

    Adjust the difficulty of the escape rooms at school with our useful tips. Which theme do you like best?

  • Interactive experience

    Escape rooms at school are guided by an interactive website on a laptop or tablet. Through videos and voice acting we bring the magic of escape rooms to your home or school.

  • Learning through play

    Teach children in the classroom to work together and solve problems. Our escape rooms are educational and challenging for all ages.

  • Great success

    Played at school with the plus class (children from groups 5 to 8) as an intro to our space theme. It was a big success. Involvement, cooperation, enthusiasm. The game remained alive for weeks afterwards.

    - Jacolin

  • Escape Fun!

    The children of the 6th grade had the activity of their lives!
    They could compete against each other in small groups. The winner with the fastest escape time won a fun bowling afternoon for his group.
    Definitely worth repeating next school year, as a farewell to the 6th grade!


  • Escape with 50 children

    We played the escape room 'secret agent' with the groups 8 at our school.
    50 children spread over 10 classrooms. What fun they (and we!) had! Almost everyone escaped within time and had a great afternoon!


Which theme do you choose?


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