Why is crafting so good for children?

Waarom is knutselen zo goed voor kinderen?

When developing our game packages, we try to add as many varied activities as possible. So they are always a mix of looking for something, doing crafts or doing some thinking. We also try to work together and alternate individual tasks. We believe that children's parties can not only be fun and unforgettable, but also educational and creative .

Unfortunately, crafting is often seen by parents as an activity that creates a lot of mess or makes the children dirty. They often don't know what materials are needed or there are no fun craft ideas. In our game packages, the craft activities are beautifully incorporated into the story, and you will receive a list of all the supplies you need (if these are not already included in the package).

But why is it so important to do crafts with your children?

Well, first and foremost, crafting is satisfying. You create something you can be proud of. But the entire crafting process is also full of educational experiences. For example, a child learns to be creative and solve problems by working with the materials available. This way the child also learns to make choices.

Not enough benefits yet? By doing crafts together, such as during our children's parties, the children learn to work better together and listen to each other. So nothing but benefits!

Crafts are good for children

Unfortunately, that does indeed sometimes involve a mess... But as a parent you will have to accept that. You can let the children help you clean up, but don't be too strict about this; a targeted task (Collect the crayons in this container) is clearest to them. It is better to tidy up things that have a clear place for you yourself to avoid frustration. And let's be honest, after an hour of concentrated drawing and crafting, isn't it normal that children need to burn off some energy? Let them run wild for a while and then enjoy the successful crafts on the wall together. Have fun!

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