10 ideas for themed children's parties!

10 ideeën voor kinderfeestjes in thema!

Your son or daughter's birthday is coming up soon, but you have no idea yet how to decorate the birthday party. Your grandchildren are coming to stay for the weekend and you want to do something very special for them. You are organizing a Christmas party for the neighborhood children and you want to make it extra fun. Your children would love to invite their friends to a super-luxury slumber party and hope for a great party. In short, throwing an impressive party is not always easy, but with these 10 theme ideas for original children's parties you can go a long way!

1. Superheroes

Superheroes are IN. Both boys and girls like to dress up as their favorite hero. From Mega Mindy to Superman, from Batman to Wonder Woman... at this original superhero children's party they can have fun as a hero who saves the world.

2. Circus and magic

Magic and magic tricks make children curious. A circus theme is always a hit. Do you want to make the children's party even more original? Then invite a magician to put the children on the edge of their seats. Or how about a clown who puts a smile on every face with his jokes and pranks?

3. Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are alive and well in children's imaginations! Original dinosaur children's parties have always been a hit. We bet your grandparents were also completely captivated by these mysterious animals?

4. Arts and crafts

A wonderful theme to let children bring out their inner Van Gogh! Talk about an original children's party! A white outfit for every child with accompanying textile paint, easels available for purchase, immense wall and floor drawings and just mess around!

5. Detective mystery

Children transform into a real Sherlock Holmes during this party theme. Mysterious searches, unsolved riddles, mysterious clues... working together as a real team of detectives, they arrive at the final spectacle of this original children's party!

6. Cowboys and Indians

Get excited about the Wild West, your cowboys and Indians are on their way! This wonderfully original children's party is a great idea for cool cowgirls and active Indian boys. Get out the broomsticks already!

7. Knights, damsels and dragon tamers

A medieval festival is every child's dream. From knight battles to taming the toughest dragons. This original children's party theme is the ideal moment to enjoy all those brave knights and romantic damsels. And who knows, Merlin the Wizard will come and show his magic.

8. Into space!

Stars, planets, meteorites, spaceships, aliens... a wonderful combination of all kinds of mega-interesting and original children's party adventures! Build a real spaceship together and explore new worlds and wild experiences.

9. Ship ahoy, buddies!

Mysterious, cool pirates appeal to the imagination of many children. Wonderful games such as “jump off the board”, “feed the shark” and “find the treasure” form a wonderful combination with beautiful decorations in the form of uninhabited islands and pirate ships. Give your child an original children's party with a real pirate theme.

10. Over the rainbow

Inspired by the beautiful song, children float to fantasy worlds on the other side of the rainbow during these original children's parties. Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet play the leading role, while imaginative figures such as elves, gnomes and goblins take the lead. Immerse yourself in a colorful world.

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