Make your own shadow play

Maak je eigen schimmenspel

A fun evening without all that technology? With this craft and a little imagination, the kids can have a whole evening of fun! So turn off the TV, put away the smartphones and create your own story with the shadow play.

What do you need?

- black paper (at least 120gr)
- a pencil
- scissors
- adhesive tape
- a white sheet
- a bright lamp
- wooden meat skewers
- your favorite story
- LOTS of imagination


Step 1

Do your children have a favorite story? Copy some drawings of typical figures from this story (or let them draw their own made-up figures). Cut them out and trace the contours with pencil on black paper.

Step 2

Now cut out the black figures and stick them to the back of a stick.

Step 3

Hang up a white sheet and darken the room. Point a bright light at the sheet. Hold the figures by the stick and hold them up between the sheet and the lamp. The shadows of your figures appear on the other side of the sheet. Recreate your favorite story or imagine your own story. A magical shadow play is created!

TIP: Put your figures aside and play with your own shadow. You become the character in your story.

Enjoy watching!

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