The best ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day

De leukste ideeën voor moederdag en vaderdag

Do you also have a parent out of a thousand who longs for a day of pampering? Or are the kids and you without a doubt the most lucky bastards in the world with a father and mother figure like yours? Yes? Then be sure to read on.

Because soon those holidays are coming when you can spoil the people who have kept all the balls in the air despite everything in recent months and show how much you love them. And this year we can do that in an extra special way. So why not go for a total package where both you - because yes, everyone knows you lent a hand - and your kids can score?

A total package?
Well, by total package we mean a total experience where you receive a homemade and personalized card, a sweet that ensures a 'Mah, so beautiful!', an experience with a surplus that will melt many mother's or father's hearts and a gift that ensures that dads and mom's sleep like a baby, combines together.

Are you extra curious? Read below how you can proceed.

1. The personalized word search card

DIY is the new perfect. And especially if you look at this map. Because no, this year no typical pink card with a heart slash card with shirt and bow and with a BEST MOM / BEST DAD inscription. No, this year you are going big, bigger and biggest and with a personal word search card.


Find out which words characterize the mother or father figure and write them down. Don't choose too many long words because that will make it difficult to complete the word search. Then create a word search in Word where you enter all the keywords. Give everything a nice color and provide the word search with a cheerful background (you can find this on Pinterest). Print on nice cardboard paper, cut out, provide an extra pencil and then you're done.

2. Name cookies for mom or dad

Moms and dads like to snack, but they usually have to do this secretly when the children are not paying attention. But not with these cookies. They can devour these beauties unabashedly. Because these are made especially for them.


Make the letters of the words mom or dad with cookie dough (if you like easy peasy, choose a prepared pack), bake the cookies in the oven and finish with melted and colored white chocolate and sprinkles. Pack the cookies cheerfully in a box.

Make sure you have 2 versions, because there is nothing more frustrating than cookies that break just before you deliver them. Oh yes, and do you want colored white chocolate? Then you have to use liquid coloring (you can find this at Aveve, among others).

3. Personal interim spray

Huuray to pillow spray: it provides peace of mind, reduced tension and better sleep. Who can say no to that? Exhausted moms and dads certainly not. And rested parents are happy parents! So it's a win-win situation here.


  • a small spray bottle (available at the pharmacy or Hema)
  • a pipette
  • 12 drops of organic essential oil (you can find this at Di, Dille & Kamille, supermarkets, etc.)
  • 10 ml vodka or pure alcohol
  • 90 ml distilled water (department store)

Small tip regarding the fragrance oil. If you want better breathing, go for a combination of mint and eucalyptus. If you want a more soothing effect, go for jasmine or lavender. Don't want either of them? Then just go for mom or dad's favorite scent.


Combine fragrance oil and vodka and shake briefly. Smell too strong? Add some more vodka. Do you smell very little? Add a few more drops of fragrance oil.

Finished? Then add the distilled water. Finish with a nice label and you're done!

4. Movie night with complimentary popcorn

To end the day, organize a movie night, where the person in the spotlight chooses what you will see. Pure luxury for parents with children! But that is not everything. Because just before you start watching, you also hand over the wrapped DIY compliments popcorn, together with a real jar of popcorn. Twice the fun!


You buy some yellow papers and cut out squares. Don't make this too small because you still need to be able to write something on it. Write a compliment or something you appreciate about mom or dad on each square. Crumple into a ball so that it resembles a popped corn kernel. Fill a popcorn pot (you can find this at Casa, among others) with these wrappers and wrap it nicely. And yes, mother/father's day points? In the pocket!

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