This is how you take the best photos!

De leukste foto's maken doe je zo!

A crazy afternoon with a camera in your pocket, that's definitely worth a try. A top activity and a full slideshow afterwards during dinner! You can read how to get started here.

What do you need?
- Scissors
- Wooden meat skewers
- Googly eyes
- Colored paper
- Adhesive tape
- A pencil
- A smartphone with camera

Step 1: the preparation

Let your imagination run wild and come up with a funny, scary, adventurous story. Draw the main character with pencil on colored paper. Cut out the drawing and stick googly eyes on your figure if desired. Attach a meat skewer to the back with adhesive tape. Notice that enough of the stick is visible underneath your figure to take hold of it.

Step 2: the search

Now start looking for the right decor or background. Depending on the story, this could be inside or outside. Play with small and large proportions. Everything you bring closer to the camera lens becomes larger. What is further away from the lens becomes smaller.

Step 3: the photo shoot

Place your figure or an object of your choice in the foreground of your decor so that it now appears huge. Have someone hold the stick, or secure the stick somewhere. Are you part of your story? Then take a seat at the back of the decor. Now you suddenly seem very small.

The most important thing during the photo shoot? Have fun! Think of the best situations and experiment!

Say cheese!!!

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