Wrapping gifts in an original way – 5 times DIY

Cadeaus origineel inpakken – 5 maal DIY

Wrapping gifts. Do you hate it too? Adolescent adhesive tape with a mind of its own, washi tape that looks at you with a grin and then decides to lie crooked, or paper that has an I see better wrinkled day.

Tiring... and the bad thing is that there will probably be all kinds of parties planned this summer - now that they are finally allowed to take place again. Parties that long for a present. Sweet.

But hey... if you're not smart, you have to be cunning. So I, Vanessa from Nooitgedachtland.be , started looking for a plan together with Festiviti.

And so we came up with 5 original DIY wrapping methods that will bring you a bye, bye shame when handing over your DIY paper wrapping attempts and welcome oh original wrapping methods that will make jaws drop!

And you know what's best? No one will realize that your gift for packing was gifted from birth to the next in line. Just perfect!


What do you give to someone who loves riddles and escape games? A mini escape box of course.

Decorate a wooden box, using a glue gun, with some remaining roundels and bolts, spray paint the box completely silver gray for a steampunk-like look and screw 8 screw eyes into the box, closing it with a lock.

Do you want to open the box and take out the present inside? Then you first have to solve all the riddles on the enclosed cards - which you get from the net. Wonderful, isn't it?

Tip: also an ideal wrapping method to wrap a Festiviti escape room as a gift!


Do you know someone who sometimes gets the blood from under your nails? Then he undoubtedly deserves this payback time gift. Because this is an original packing method that will drive you a little crazy.

And admittedly, it does take some prep work, but you'll see... this is more than worth it!

Buy 2 rolls of cling film and a bunch of presents – that are sturdy enough not to collapse under the weight – and roll everything up into a ball, adding a present or some pennies to the ball step by step. Do this until all the presents and coins have been used up.

Finally, wrap the filled ball with some wrapping paper and some bows. This makes it seem like a normal gift.

Would you like to introduce the gift? Then, before you hand over the present, hand the birthday boy/girl a Malteser Teaser candy bar, saying that this is a tip – teaser as in tease – for what is to come.


Jelly Beans. The favorite among children. So why not make packaging with it? You blow up some balloons, add some money or a gift voucher to some balloons, put everything in a transparent bag - which you make from transparent wrapping paper - and finish with a bow and the Jelly Beans logo.


Does your present consist of a gift card, pennies or is the present of such a size that it fits in a cryptex? Then without a doubt, go for the purchase of a cryptex.

Make it extra exciting by adding question cards. The answers lead the partygoer to the solution needed to open the cryptex. Great for people who like riddles!


A gift voucher or a cash gift to remember? This is possible with the lollipop packaging. Blow up a balloon, stick the Chupa Chups logo on it, wrap it in translucent paper and prop it all up on a plastic tube sprayed white.

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