6 original DIY boxes

6 originele DIY-Boxen

The summer holidays are in sight. A welcome blessing for some people, a reason for people with children to develop beading sweat on their foreheads. Because at home with kids? These are chocolate hands on your freshly polished mirrors, dramas about who had the remote control three seconds longer than the other or 'the world is ending' moments because those trousers are still in the wash that your child just wanted to wear that day. In other words... great fun!

That's why Vanessa from Nooitgedachtland , together with Festiviti, set out to find out how you can survive these moments without unscathed, a slightly developing tic around the eyes or a starting drinking problem.

And that's why... tadaa... for you: 5 original DIY boxes that can provide moments of joy and happy, satisfied kids.

You're welcome, we say.

Craft boxes from ABOXX

Aboxx has the nicest craft boxes in their range that are slightly different from all other craft boxes. Think of 'making boho wish feathers', 'making boho dream catcher', 'woodland animals', 'making soaps', 'making flower crown' and our own favorite aka 'writing with fire' because it has - under the motto 'trigger your child let's have fun' – fire in the leading role! Fire in the form of burning pins with which children can learn how to make the most beautiful figures and texts (which change every season) on wood. A creative and challenging activity where the kids can not only unleash their inner artist, but also enjoy themselves for an afternoon during the holidays.

Chocolate workshop at home from Chocalicious

The secret ingredient to fun? Chocolate. Always. And since you can't buy happiness, but chocolate can and chocolate causes endorphins to be produced in the brain - which is basically the same -, this is the ideal solution for happy kids.

You should now be able to order the 'Let's Chocolate' box from Chocalicious . A box with enough material to entertain at least 4 people for 3 to 4 hours. Everything has been thought of in this box. From hairnets, to aprons, to a food thermometer, bags for lollipops, praline boxes, ribbons to close, weighed jars of chocolate, bags with sprinklers and so on. Add to that the fact that everything is labeled and that you get a manual to tell you what to do and this box is worth the money.

Cooking box beats and box from the little chef

The Little Chef stands for cooking with amazement. And they have also thought of a DIY cooking box at home. As expected, one that is one of a kind. So expect to make rainbow spaghetti and foam monsters, pimp your own cooking spoon and tongue (with tongue tattoos), play a crazy board game with even crazier assignments and hold a food dance party. The contents of the box are suitable for 2 children and provide several hours of fun. And be warned! As soon as you open this box, your living room suddenly turns into a dance hall slash cooking studio and one where sparks fly!

DIY candy cake box from hearts and flowers

With the contents of this box you can conjure up a candy cake in an hour that seems to have escaped from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel in the Efteling. And okay, okay... you shouldn't hand this box over to your children just before bedtime, but... this box is something that is on every child's 100 things to do before I'm 12 list. And that is why this box still gets a place in this list. Because you only get to be a kid once, right?

Hours of TikTok fun with the TikTok Time box from Joybox

Joybox found the gap in the market for TikTok enthusiasts. Because they developed a box with 21 fun TikTok challenges that you can work on at home, with a view to making the perfect TikTok video. In the box you will therefore find cards, stretchers, balloons, cups, post-its and so much more. Ideal for children who are crazy about this media phenomenon. Be sure to watch the video below:


The FestivitiBox: for a successful children's party

Is there a party planned soon for one of the birthday boys? Festiviti has a complete package for the children's party of the year. All explanations, materials and some extras are included in the box. Never again have to stress about coming up with a fun activity for a party: The FestivitiBox does that for you! Discover it here .

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